It's bigger on the inside!
To include more than 4 rows in a level, separate rows into groups, or for some VFX tricks, it is handy to use the rooms tab at the bottom of the timeline.
The new rooms tab, with small thumbnails for each room that represent the full level

Show Rooms

Show Rooms lets you pick which rooms are on the screen. Auto% will resize rooms to the same size, but can be changed manually using the input field.

Move Room

The Move Room event acts similarly to the Move Camera event, with a few differences.
You can move where the pivot point of the room is in relation to the screen using the Position selector.
The Scale option lets you resize the window freely unlike Move Camera's Zoom.
Angle lets you rotate a room around the pivot point.
Pivot lets you set where the pivot point is in relation to the room.
The options can be disabled by clicking on the labels.
If a room is not shown, changing the scale will automatically show the room.

Reorder Rooms

By dragging the labels, you can change which rooms are on top of other rooms when moving windows around.

Set Room Content Mode

Set Room Content Mode has two options, Keep Aspect and Stretched, which change if the room squishes with room scaling.
The following examples were taken with Move Rooms, scaled to X = 100%, Y = 50%

Keep Aspect

Old Yellow Bricks - Keep Aspect


Old Yellow Bricks - Stretched

Changing Row Rooms

In the Rows tab, you can pick which room your characters appear in, and if you change your mind later the room option in Row Settings will allow you to pick a different room to move your character to.
Some VFX have an On Top option that override room cameras and use the entire screen. To get these options to show up you need a room change event anywhere in the level, even if it doesn't change the rooms.
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