Set Speed

This event will change the game speed, the higher the number the faster the visual effects play out. Game speed affects all animations such as row movement, camera movement, and room transitions.

Flash / Custom Flash

The Flash effect will produce a white foreground flash with 3 different preset lengths, whilst with the Custom Flash effect you can choose the length of the flash, the color it starts and ends at, and the opacity.

Hide Row

The Hide Row event lets you pick which part of the row to show: Visible will show the entire row Hidden makes the row disappear Only Character will only show the character (this does not change the pivot point for move rows) Only Row will only show the row (also does not change the pivot point)

Change Player Rows

This event will let you change which player controls which rows. The transition between control lasts 1 beat.
In a 1 player level, a 2p row will act as a CPU row.

Finish Level

These events will show the Your Rank text, your rank, and the rank's description if there is one. You must have 3 of these events in a row to finish the level.


These events are here if you want to make notes on your level for reminders or commentary. The Show comment on playback toggle will display the comment once it has been reached.