VFX Presets

Silhouettes on Heartbeat

Cycles through row tints on each pulse

Vignette / Vignette Flicker

Darkens the edges of the screen

Colorful Shockwaves

Changes the hue of everything in the room

Bass Drop on Hit

The Bass Drop effect but only activates on a hit

Shake on Heartbeat / Shake on Hit

The row shakes slightly on each pulse or the hit, depending on which event you choose.

Wavy Rows

Rows move up and down in a room

Screen Tile

Splits the room into 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, or a custom sized grid

Vertical Light Strip

Makes a vertical strip of light around the current beat, and darkens everything else

Screen Scroll (+ VHS)

Scrolls the screen horizontally or vertically, and can also have the flickery VHS lines as an option. Custom Screen Scroll does not have a VHS option.

Row Tints

These events are a limited form of the Tint Rows event, but can be used for a quick tint depending on what you need. These events are used when placing themes.

Cutscene Mode

Horizontal black bars appear around the screen. Removes the arms until Cutscene Mode is disabled.

Blackout / Noise / Glitch Obstruction

Completely turn the room black, into static, or the glitchy background from the Boss 1 stage.


Adds a rain effect. Will occasionally cause the background to flash white.


Like the Matrix theme but can be used more easily

Falling Petals

Pink or Snow blue petals will slowly fall from the top of the room


Adds a snow effect that will fall from the top of the room


Blink 182
Causes light from bright sources to bleed into the surrounding room, works well with custom backgrounds.

Hall of Mirrors

Still very complicated.

Greyscale / Sepia

Applies a monochrome or sepia filter to the selected room

JPEG Distortion

Glitchy blocks appear that shift small sections of the room left and right